Sunday, Apr 25 2021AM Worship
The Simple, Profound Gospel
Series: Ephesians
Passage: Ephesians 1:11-14
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I. The Gospel Message is Simple

      --simple – uncomplicated, easily understood

      --The Gospel is the good news that God has done something to deliver us from the power, the practice, and the payment of sin.

           >He sent Jesus Christ to pay our sin debt

           >Salvation is given to all who put their faith in Him

II. The Gospel Message is Profound

    --profound – intellectually deep; extending far below the surface

    --Salvation is just the beginning of our spiritual life

           >In front of us is a whole life of God making us more like Jesus Christ (Sanctification)

           >It begins with the Holy Spirit’s sealing of us

The Holy Spirit’s “sealing” has 4 meanings

  1.  security 

  2. authentication

  3. genuineness

  4. ownership

What is an “earnest”

   --it is a “first installment of a future payment”

   --God the Holy Spirit’s seal is a down payment that guarantees future inheritance